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“Still, He Rose!”

Still, He rose!

- In order for there to be a RISE on Sunday, there had to first be a MONDAY - SATURDAY. Keep in mind WHY you're doing what you're doing for God while preparing for your purpose to be fulfilled.

- Jesus was being praised on Sunday, and by Friday was killed by the same people. Don't get caught up in the praise of others, but find peace & stay anchored in God's direction.

- Any tree that is supposed to bear fruit but has none is out of its purpose. Everyone has a WHY, the reason that God designed you. Don't ask God for more money, but clarity on your PURPOSE and the money will chase you.

- If you got dirt on someone, don't throw it, rather help pull them out of their hole. It's hard to pray for someone & talk about them at the same time.

- You may not always know what God is doing, but dont loose your mind just yet. Trust in and proximity to Him is necessary to make it to your blessing/deliverance.

- It is not who you are, but the POWER you have in your mouth that matters. If something is off, speak to it, declare what you want it to be and watch God work.

- Sometimes God will give you fellowship with uncomfortable situations so that when then come full force, they won't take you out. There can be no resurrection without first being crushed.

- You must first be surrendered to God before you can know how to deal with others. Don't skip starting your day with God, it is this time that anchors you so that life's situations won't sway you.

- When you're trying to make moves, be productive and advance, there WILL ALWAYS BE someone who tries to hate/sabatoge you. When you first kneel to God, you can stand up to anyone.

- You can't stop the plot against you by others, but keeping near God provides peace. He will take care of your opposition, if you simply trust Him to do so.

- When the people strike the Sheppard, the sheep scatter. If wrong is exposed in a ministry, PRAY for those sheep, don't PREY on them.

- People have to hurt you in order for you to learn to trust Jesus.

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