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“It’s time for a praise break!”

It's time for a praise break

Nehemiah 8 


- A "praise break" is an assessment & showing of gratitude for all that God has done for you.

- There is a difference between happiness & joy. HAPPINESS depends on what happens TO you, but JOY is based on what is going on IN you.

- Joy is your attitude based on what God has done for you through Jesus Christ. You can go through hell, be wounded, be in the midst of struggle, disappointed, be faced with negativity & STILL HAVE JOY!

- Joy is a spiritual perspective which feeds your faith & reminds you that everything is in God's hands. It is the inward dwelling of God's power and spirit that governs our outlook on life's situations.

- A praise break challenges you not to forget where your true strength comes from. It makes clear why you do what you do, and who you do it for!

- As we move to next level in God, there ought to be a periodic CHECK UP from the NECK UP. Check ups provide a time for renewal, refocus & reflection.

- Everything that looks like it's against you, isn't meant to destroy you. It could be that a shift in perspective will reveal that the opposition was not designed to take you OUT, but rather take you THROUGH.

- Maybe your renewal hasn't come yet b/c you've been substituting other things for the Word of God in your life. You cannot accomplish or receive what God has for you without His word.

- Take the time to take a break in prayer to simply ask God, "what's next?" Don't spend time asking people who don't know, time is too critical.

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