Introducing our new COZ App powered through Pushpay!

Give – Stay Connected – Stay Engaged

Text “Citizen App” to 833-411-3548 to download our app!

What You’ll Find in the App

  • – Create and maintain your personal profile
  • – Receive Paz Daily Text Blasts
  • – Forms/registrations for events and other activities
  • – Up to date observations
  • – Media platforms
  • – Easily accessible calendars

Understanding Notifications

  • – Go to the profile section to view any notifications sent out.
  • – Notifications are sent to all app users who have opted to receive messages.
  • – Be notified about an important announcement, upcoming event or adjusted/cancelled activities due to adverse weather.
  • – Filter your notifications by categories of interests. You can choose as many as you want to receive messages from.

Pushpay’s Giving Platform

  • – Set up recurring giving
  • – Manage your record of giving
  • – Access to print off your contribution statement