The Audio/Visual Ministry exists to produce a historical catalog of the preaching and teaching materials of the City of Zion, the Mt Zion Churches worship experiences. Our objective is to ensure that ALL worship experiences on the City of Zion, the Mt. Zion Church campus are properly monitored and recorded within the spirit of excellence. The ministry has two functions: Capturing and transmitting the complete worship experience through the use of state-of-the-art equipment. Duties include recording of worship services, special meetings and designated activities. Managing the creation and sales of media products.

The COZ Book Club exists as a unique form of fellowship for the City of Zion family. Various books are selected throughout the year for interpretation, discussion. Information with respect to the reading materials, discussion times and dates may be made available to you upon request from the church office.

The desire of the Church & Family Life Ministry is to promote a spirit of unity within the body of Christ through various worship, fellowship and outreach opportunities.

The purpose of the Deacon's Family Ministry is to assist the pastor in serving the body of Christ. The Deacons minister to the sick and shut-in, offer prayer and provides the Lord's Supper to those who are not able to attend worship on our campus. Members of this ministry are appointed by the Senior Pastor.

The Discipleship and Evangelism Ministry is dedicated to the aiding and development of a disciple’s growth in Christ Jesus by "Building the Body of Christ through Prayer, Praise, and Preaching." This ministries assignment is to assist the disciple by sharing with them God’s plan for their lives by exhibiting qualities that identifies them as children of God. It is the desire of this ministry to "lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ, by providing an atmosphere of health, healing and wholeness through Prayer, Praise, and Preaching." The function of this ministry is to empower, equip and educate believers with the proper tools needed to share their faith with others. This goal is achieved through community outreach as we share the love of Christ with those who don't have a personal relationship with Him.

The desire of the City of Zion Hospitality Ministry is to serve in the spirit of excellence. We strive wholeheartedly to make each and every individual who enters the doors of our campus feel well received and at home. We believe it to be our duty as well as a privilege to assist and serve those who come and worship on our campus. Our sole purpose is to usher in a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all members and guest alike. The ministry also serves as hosts for special events and activities.

The In Touch Ministry exists as a connection for our sick and shut-in members. Cards and calls are made, sent periodically to ensure that those who are not able to physically come to the campus know that they are in our thoughts as well as prayers.

The Men of Faith exist as a brotherhood that seeks to empower, encourage and equip the men of City of Zion through the studying and teaching of God’s word so that they might draw others to Christ. The heart of this ministry is evangelism with an emphasis on building one’s character by pursuing a personal relationship with the Father.

The Minister of Order is a two tier ministry on the COZ campus which exist to aid the body during worship services. Their functions include providing support to worshipers; to secure seating and to ensure that order is maintained within the sanctuary.

The Ministry of Prayer, affectionately known as Pastor’s Pit Crew (P.I.T) is the foundation on which everything at the City of Zion is built. We believe at COZ that if it cannot be done through prayer, it cannot be done. The purpose of our Prayer Ministry is to fortify and protect the House in order to preserve, so that the Holy Spirit prevails, even when attacks come. Prayers, requests and intercessions are made on behalf of our pastor, COZ members, our families, our communities and our nation.

The Ministry of Youth Development is for youth ranging in age 4-17. MYD meets every Wednesday from 6pm-7:30pm on the City of Zion Campus. The mission of this ministry is to develop and provide quality spiritual, social and educational programs to encourage and promote Christian values in the lives of our youth.

The City of Zion’s Music & Fine Arts Ministry exists as a body of servants who minister to the body through song. The ministries assignment is not to entertain, but to set the atmosphere for the visitation of the Holy Spirit during worship.

My Brother’s Keeper exists as one of the cornerstones of COZ’s outreach ministry. MBK provides home cooked meals, clothing and words of encouragement to hundreds of families on a weekly basis.

School of Empowerment exists to educate the body of COZ through biblical principals in various forms. S.O.E's intent is to actively support the church by providing sound Christian education which falls in line with the spirit, heart of the house.

The City of Zion Women’s Ministry exists to empower, encourage and engage all women towards greater intimacy with Jesus Christ. Through persistent prayer, word and worship opportunities the Women’s Ministry promotes knowledge, awareness and the responsibility of women according to God’s word. Through service, ministry and fellowship the Women’s Ministry advances and builds the kingdom of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of the local church throughout the year.