For almost 20 years I have had the privilege and pleasure to serve some of the greatest people in the best city on the planet—Toledo. They range from community leaders, city leaders, politicians, the police department, fire department, clergy and citizens from the Toledo community as well as the state of Ohio.
This year marks the 95th year of our church in the Toledo community and we are preparing and planning to celebrate this monumental occasion in multiple ways. We love our community and invite your participation as we celebrate our past, embrace our present and expect greater things in our future.
As a friend of the City of Zion, The Mt. Zion Church, I am asking that you would prayerfully consider joining me in making a financial gift toward preserving the great legacy of this ministry.
I thank you in advance for your support and help in continuing to build the body of Christ through Prayer, Praise and Preaching in a great place called Toledo.
– Talmadge J. Thomas

Our Legacy of Love

The City of Zion, The Mt. Zion Church is richly steeped in the history and heritage of this city. We’ve worked tirelessly to touch the hearts of people in Toledo. Our contributions of love and legacy have been demonstrated in so many ways, including:
– 64,000 meals prepared and served to hungry and homeless members of our community since inception of our feeding program—My Brother’s Keeper—in 2001.
– Ten consecutive years of partnership with the Family House to prepare and serve hot breakfast to families in need.
– Fundraising and clothing drives for numerous causes, including sickle cell disease, the Glorasteen Newburn (college) scholarship, St. Jude’s hospital, American Red Cross, and Cherry Street Mission.
– Thanksgiving basket give-a-ways in which we provided complete meals to more than 1250 families over 4 years.
– Thousands of dollars given to needy individuals to pay mortgages, rent, utilities and other bills.
– Participation in voter registration drives and “Souls to the polls” to provide transportation to local polling stations.
– We have adopted two local schools to provide supplies and mentorship to students.

Legacy Hall

As we celebrate 95 years of service to this community, our goal is to build a visual representation of our legacy—something that will help tell the story of our church’s love and support for generations to come.
Our former mall area will be transformed into the new Legacy Hall. Our theme is: Mount Zion: God’s Holy City. This will be visually represented by a display of mountains in the background overlaid with panels that display our history, mission, vision, donors and resources. The top of each panel comes together to form a skyline reminiscent of the God’s dwelling amongst his chosen people.



Levels of Gifting

We ask for your support to help build Legacy Hall. Please consider making a financial gift/donation toward our COZ Mt. Zion PROUD campaign. This redesigned space will allow us to recognize the pastors and people who have helped make this church, neighborhood and city great.
As a “Friend of the City of Zion” you, your family, company or organization can help by giving a financial gift within one of four levels of gifting:

Platinum Level $1000

Family/Company name, 50-words, logo and photo

Donate Now Gold Level $500

Family/Company name, 35-words & logo or photo

Donate Now Silver Level $250

Family or company name listed + 20-word message

Donate Now Bronze Level $95

Family or company name listed

Donate Now




Click here to download a one sheet summary of our Legacy Hall project